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Belongs to me

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Welcome to a claims community run by hysterictrigger & climhazzards.

Here, you can claim any fictional being without any reason. Unlike other claims communities, you can claim up to 3 fictional characters. But one person may own one fictional character (But here, we don't like to use the word "fictional" ;D) (Because they're real. Really.)

Your journal must have at least 1 entry in it if you wish to post a claim.

You must be a member of the community to post or claim a character. When posting a claim, be sure to include first and last name (if possible) And the series your character is from. If claiming multiple characters, please include each character in different posts.

Please check the Claims post #-L and the Claims post M-Z before posting a claim.

Once your claim has been confirmed by a moderator, please have (character) belongs_to_me somewhere in your journal/profile (Or some variation of a link back to this commu). Otherwise, your claim will be removed.

If you wish to drop a claim simply add "!dropping" to your tags.

. . . And. To make sure you read the rules, include " . . . Belongs to Me" in your claim post.